Cook Islands Wedding Dance Group - Akirata Dance Troupe
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Rarotonga’s leading innovative cultural dance troupe specialising in traditional dance, drums and music from the Cook Islands.

We feature a strong team of 20 drummers + musicians, 15 female dancers and 15 male dancers, with more talented dancers intraining! Our costumes are inspired by the colours of the Pacific and are made from natural fibre including wild‐hibiscus bark, assorted feathers, pearl shell, bamboo and so much more. Each performance features a costume change providing an eclectic presentation of colour and creativity.

Akirata Cultural Dance Troupe is guaranteed to ‘wow’ any crowd at any event, be it a small wedding ceremony, a corporate event, or a large umukai feast.

wedding couple cook islands dance

We operate two teams of dancers and musicians to cover two shows operating at the same time on any day. Our minimum performing group size is 5 females & 4 males & 6 drummers/musicians. Importantly, we will assess your stage area & room size as well as audio & lighting systems and will assign a suitable number of members to ensure an effective performance.

Akirata Cultural Dance Troupe is committed to ensuring a consistent ‘wow’ factor for all its performances.


Akirata Cultural Dance Troupe Contact:

Marketing Manager – Mr Rohan Ellis
Mobile: 55686 Email:


Troupe Leader – Mrs Adriane Clarke-Ellis
Mobile: 55882 Email:

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